The ability to analyse impressions (phantasia) - without this ability? Nothing

'The ability to pay proper attention' (Marcus Aurelius) - how can I learn this? By asking myself 'What's in your mind?' - With that Marcus Aurelius would train me to be a priest and minister of gods

And (Marcus Aurelius): 'No more wandering. You are not likely to read your own jottings, your histories of the ancient Greeks and Romans, your extracts from their literature laid up for your old age. Hurry then to the end, abandon vain hopes, rescue yourself, while the opportunity is still there' (as if he was speaking to me)

London, 17 December 2019

    Sergio Calderón
    Ellipse (One), 2008
    Photography, Mixed Media
© MMXXI, SERGIO CALDERÓN, All Rights Reserved