Vasilisa Series. Photography and digitally manipulated images by Sergio Calderón.

'Vasilisa Forbes belongs to another dimension. She lives in a place where the dream is colliding with its reality. Beyond time. A place that is unconcerned with words. Images come to mind, stories that I don’t remember when I wake up. Vasilisa is elusive and is always happening.

A photo session took place in London on 17th April 2012. With no script and without following any agenda we tried to capture night in early morning. The photographs were also the source of a series of digitally manipulated images. Some of them were made available on the May 2012 issue of Under The Influence Magazine.'

— Sergio Calderón




The certified photographs are produced as limited edition prints in Digigraphie, Various Sizes. Epson Semi-Gloss 260 g.s.m.